Important Upcoming Dates - 2018/2019 School Year

> JAZZ - I will begin Jazz on Wed., Aug. 22. (7:20am to 8:50am) I’ll answer questions and define what’s going on this year.

> Thurs. Aug. 23 - Bass (Eric Price) and Drums (Kyle Athayde). > Friday, Aug. 24 - Guitar (Allan Smith), Bass (Eric), Drums (Kyle). > Monday, Aug. 27 - All Strings, Woodwinds, Brass, and Pianists. - We will have a call and response class and answer more questions. > Tuesday, Aug. 28 - Bass (Eric), Drums (Kyle), Guitar (Allan). > Wed., Aug. 29, (7:20am to 8:50am) Trumpet (John T.), Trombone (Tommy D.), Sax (Kyle A.), and Pianists (Bob A.) > Thurs., Aug. 30 - Anyone who wants to be in the Messengers (All Jazz Coaches, please) > Friday, Aug. 31 - Anyone who wants to be in the Messengers.

Everyone not selected for that group will be in the Crusaders The roster for the Jazz Messengers will be posted by lunchtime today (Friday) > Monday, Sept. 3 - Labor Day - NO school > Tues. Sept. 4 - Messengers, 7:20am > Wed. Sept. 5 - Messengers, 7:20am > Thurs., Sept. 6, Messengers, 7:20am (Their first concert, @ 6pm) > No rehearsal on Friday, Sept. 7 > Monday, Sept. 10 begins regular rehearsals of the Jazz Crusaders (Monday and Thursday) and Jazz Messengers (every day). (Messengers have Wed. from 7:20am to 8:50am, so they should bring a healthy snack to eat at 8:55am) All JAZZ Coaches every Wed., please, 7:20am to 8:50am.

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