Back to School Night

BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT – September 14, 2017

Bob Athayde, Director of Music Education at Stanley.

I teach all the Bands, Jazz Bands and Chorus.

My email is: My office phone is: 925-927-3540

Everything you need to know is at It really is!



Your child’s first assignment was to have you look over the PERFORMANCE CALENDAR, check for any conflicts in your schedule, and let me know by September 30 of any potential conflicts. Missing a performance for any reason OTHER THAN ILLNESS OR SERIOUS FAMILY EMERGENCY WILL RESULT IN ONE LETTER GRADE DROP. A goes to B, a B goes to C, etc.

The most important thing we can do for young people is to teach them to work and have empathy toward others. I love music because we teach students to work together, cooperate, find solutions and produce a great product together - MUSIC. Playing music is like all other endeavors. It takes time to develop your skills. It takes years of repetition. There are no shortcuts for practicing your instrument be it a drum, trumpet, violin, or your voice. I am in my 41st year in public school teaching and I wish I had shortcuts.

BUY AND USE SMART MUSIC (the Classic Version)

MOST FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION: HOW CAN MY CHILD GET AN “A”? I do not “give” a grade. Your child EARNS a grade by being prepared, having a good attitude, having the right book and equipment (reeds, etc.), passing tests on a regular bases and attending all required performances.

CHECK THE CALENDAR FOR PERFORMANCE DATES - Email me BEFORE SEPT. 30 if your child has a conflict or issue.

TEAMWORK is what we should be striving for. Our motto is “We All Play Together.” Your child should play their instrument or sing each day, be early to class, and come with the intention of producing beautiful art. If their craftsmanship is high it becomes ART.

CADETS - possibly on a different instrument than elementary school. Every student needs their own music book. Percussionists need drum sticks and yarn marimba mallets. Many instruments are provided, but we appreciate and rely on your monetary donations to our maintenance fund to continue the upkeep and repair of instruments. If you child is using a school instrument a contract will be sent home shortly. Please refer to the website about instrument loans.

Thank you to LPIE and PTA for their funding of the music program. We have seven professional musician/instructors funded by LPIE. The professional assistants in Jazz Band are funded by donations from the JAZZ CAFÉ.

Parents of students in ZERO PERIOD JAZZ BAND.

Please meet back here at the end of Back to School Night for a short (11 minute) important meeting. 8:22 to 8:33 pm

Thank you for loaning me your child to create beautiful music!

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