Jazz Band at Stanley 2016-2017

Dear Students and Parents,

We have completed the audition process for the Stanley Jazz Bands. At this time, the top band, The Stanley Jazz Messengers is as follows:


Alto Sax 1 – Owen Wardy

Alto Sax 2 – George Rogers

Tenor Sax 1 – Emilia Gutman

Tenor Sax 2 – Ian Ho

Baritone Sax – Joshua Gohres

Trumpets (in order)

Ellena Olson

Henry Rogers

Jacob Cherayil

Joaquin Jorgensen

Marianne Eichmann

Trombones (in order)

Weilian Zhang

Harry Mannering

Nathaniel Dawson


Slava Koblov

Stephen Vojta


Gabe Slavitt


Sean McFarlane


Ryan Bea

Nick Fields

Cole Foster

Max Simas

The first rehearsal for the Jazz Messengers is Wednesday, Sept. 7, 7:20am to 8:50am. Please bring a snack to eat after the rehearsal. (School starts at 9:24am). Your weekly rehearsals are Tues. 7:20am to 8:05am, Wed., 7:20am to 8:50am, and Fri., 7:20am to 8:05am.

Everyone not in the Jazz Messengers is in the Stanley Jazz Crusaders. Your first rehearsal is Thursday, Sept. 8, 7:20am to 8:05am. Your weekly rehearsals are Mondayand Thursday from 7:20am to 8:05am. FOR THE NEXT TWO WEEKS, ANYONE IN THE STANLEY MUSIC PROGRAM (Strings Intermezzo, Orchestra, Band, and Chorus) CAN JOIN THE JAZZ CRUSADERS. Be there!

In the event that a Jazz Messenger cannot fulfill their duties (arrive early to rehearsals and learn the music on their own prior to a rehearsal), they will be replaced with the Jazz Crusader who is ready. (It’s like Major League Baseball).

In 2010, the Stanley Jazz Messengers won the title of Best Middle School Jazz Band in the Nation (Downbeat Magazine). In 2016, the Stanley Jazz Messengers share the title of Best Middle School Jazz Band in the Nation (Downbeat Magazine) with Eckstein M.S. in Seattle. Since 2001, the Stanley Jazz Program has been recognized nationally by Music Educators, Professional Musicians, and through competitions. This standard has been achieved by smart and hard work, and a lot of listening (to music).

Keep swingin'!


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