Here are the next rehearsal dates for anyone interested in Zero Period Jazz. We serve coffee and tea to all parents!

Monday, Aug 29th - All Saxes and Trombones

Tuesday, Aug 30th - Trumpets, Guitar

Wednesday, Aug 31st - Piano, Drums

Thursday, Sept 1st - Trumpets and All Saxes

Friday, Sept 2nd - Strings, Oboes, Flutes & Clarinets

Final Jazz Band lists posted outside the Music room at 2pm onFriday, Sept 2nd.

No Jazz on Tuesday, Sept 6th. The Messengers start on Wednesday, Sept 7th. The Crusaders start on Thursday, Sept 8th. After that, the schedule is:

Crusaders - Monday & Thursday Messengers - Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday

All rehearsals start at 7:20am. The Music room opens at 7am.

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