Cazadero Music Camp - Partial Scholarships

Dear Students and Parents,

I just received this from Cazadero. It is a wonderful summer Music Camp. If you are interested, please see below. I would be glad to recommend any and all of my students. Stanley students always do well at CAZ. If you know of a 5th grader who wants to go, please have them contact CAZ (see below).



Dear Colleague,

Due to certain aberrations in our enrollment this year, our instrumentation for middle school session "B" is out of whack!

In an effort to correct this situation, we are offering partial scholarships to students who play flute, clarinet, or trombone, and who would meet the following criteria: "Applicants should be able to read music, be comfortable with reading and counting both simple and compound rhythmic meters, have basic tone production technique and at least two years of musical training on their primary instrument. They should be able to play one- to two-octave scales in concert Bb, Eb, Ab, C and F major."

Middle School session "B" is for students entering grades 6, 7, or 8, and takes place June 28 to July 9.

For more information please visit the camp website at

Questions may be directed to myself or camp director Jim Mazzaferro at

And please - share this news far and wide!

Best wishes,

Dr. Jonathan Knight Music Faculty, Los Medanos College & Diablo Valley College Assistant Camp Director, Cazadero Music Camp

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