Stanley Spring Concerts 2016

Dear Students and Parents,

Please see the the calendar. It has times and dates for our Spring Concerts. Due to the block schedule, I may not see your group on the day of your concert.

Tues., May 31 - Band Musicians please arrive at 7pm for a 7:30pm downbeat. The concert should be over by 8:45pm

Wed., June 1 - Chorus please meet me in the Music room at 7:09pm. We'll warm-up and proceed to the gym together.

*Fri., June 3 - Jazz Crusaders need to arrive by 5:30pm. Jazz Cafe has a flow like a professional Jazz Festival. During the evening, people come and go. The Messengers need to be on campus thirty minutes before their downbeat (TBD).

Thurs., June 9 - Chorus Members (except 8th graders) need to be on the risers on the field at 5:15pm. At 5:30pm, Graduation begins. We sing two songs. After that, you can leave. The 8th graders will join us to perform the two songs.

Students, if you have any questions, please see me during class.

Thank YOU!

Bob Athayde

*Leading up to Jazz Cafe, the Messengers and Crusaders will have all or their rehearsals.


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