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for Families

Welcome to the Stanley Middle School Music Department

If you've enrolled your family member in Stanley Middle School Music, congratulations! You've started your child on a journey toward enrichment and improvement that will benefit their academic career now, and in the years to come. To aid in their successes, please read the following information and let one of the Stanley music teachers know if you have any questions.

Our Mission

To provide a challenging musical program in which students can improve and enrich their lives.


To rehearse and perform both at Stanley Middle School and in the Lafayette community. In appreciation of the continuous support of our community, we promote civic engagement for our music ambassadors in local events.


To encourage adult musicians to act as mentors and role models to extend the message that music can be with you to enjoy throughout your entire life.


To promote music as a vital discipline in life where teamwork, hard work, fun and performance converge.


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