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The Stanley Music Department offers two classes for students who play the bowed string instruments--violin, viola, cello, and bass.  These classes are open to all Stanley students.


Strings Intermezzo! is an intermediate level ensemble with the focus on continued growth and development, building on the elementary program.  We concentrate on refining and strengthening the skills required for more advanced ensemble playing.  There are three performances per year.  


Strings Intermezzo! provides the opportunity to begin playing the bass.  For many students this is a transition from elementary experience on another string instrument, but beginners are always welcome.  


The Stanley Orchestra continues with more instruction in technique, but a greater emphasis on performances, usually five per year.  The repertoire is more advanced, and over the years the Orchestra has performed at many conferences, including as a demonstration group at the 2010 American String Teachers Association National Conference.


Each year the Orchestra students have the opportunity to participate in our Chamber Music unit.  This LPIE-funded instruction during Orchestra class time allows students to prepare chamber music, primarily string quartets, under the coaching of some of the outstanding professional musicians in the Lafayette community.  At the conclusion of the instruction, students perform, by audition, in Stanley's annual Solo and Ensemble Recital.


For both Strings Intermezzo! and Orchestra placement is based on a student's playing level as determined by the elementary teacher and/or the Orchestra Director. 



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