“We All Play Together”


Concert and Performance attendance is mandatory.
Basic Consideration: Missing a concert hurts the group. 
Make that commitment...and mark your calendar!
Missing a concert lowers your grade by one letter.
There is no substitute for a live performance.


Nighttime Performance Requirements: Depending on the group you’re in, there are about four to eight performances per year, including perhaps one or two weekend performances. You are expected to arrive 30 minutes before the start of the concert.


Music Performance Calendar: During the first few weeks of school, the performance calendar will be placed on the StanleyMusic.org web site. You must enter the dates on your personal calendar! This calendar is updated as necessary. Refer to the calendar on a regular basis. Remember: Your attendance is mandatory at concerts.


CMEA: California Music Educators Association Music Festivals are non-competitive, rated festivals where each band/orchestra/chorus is evaluated by a panel of adjudicators. The band/orchestra/chorus is evaluated on the group performance of prepared music and a sight-reading exercise (music they’ve never seen). The Stanley Orchestra and Chorus will participate in the CMEA event this year. April 22 for Chorus and TBA for Orchestra.  


Unable to Attend a Concert: Music concerts take first priority over other events. When you joined the Music Department, you made a commitment to your teachers and peers. Missing a performance because something better suddenly has come up suggests that you have not made a full commitment to the Music Department and your fellow band/orchestra/chorus members.  Your grade will be lowered one letter grade for each missed concert.  Absences due to illness will NOT lower your grade. 


Dress Code: Uniform appearance is an important part of concert performance. Please make every effort to conform to the following requirements:


Girls: white top, dark, solid, long skirt (skirt must cover the knees when seated) or pants (preferred), dark hose, dark shoes. No short skirts are allowed. 


Boys: white long sleeve shirt, long tie, dark solid pants, dark socks and dark shoes. The Jazz Messengers wear dark pants, solid black shirts and fun-colored, jazzy ties. Chorus members are to wear their white chorus shirts.