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Assessment Standards


  1. The student demonstrates respect, responsibility, and resourcefulness in the classroom and during rehearsals and performances.

  2. The student understands the importance of practicing correctly and effectively and practices the instrument consistently at home.

  3. Care and maintenance of student's specific instrument.

  4. Proper playing position and readiness (knowing where to start in the music and watching the conductor for the downbeat).

  5. The student understands and performs tone quality characteristic of the instrument.

  6. The student understands and performs articulation characteristic of the instrument.

  7. The student understands and performs the correct notes.

  8. The student understands and performs the correct rhythm.

  9. The student understands and performs the correct intonation .

  10. The student understands and performs the correct dynamics .

  11. The student understands the meaning of music notation including various symbols and terms by interpreting and performing them correctly.

  12. The student understands the cultural and historical significance of the music studied.

  13. Music of different periods of the Western music tradition is performed in a stylistically correct manner.




The student performs a selected passage or composition to demonstrate standards #5-13.

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